Physis unleashed

Pfizer and sculpture Public event

Yesterday saw another outing for my sculpture Physis. Commissioned by Pfizer to open up dialogues about their advancements in oncological treatments with cancer generally, and more specifically lung cancer, this interactive sculpture has previously seen outings at the Science Museum and the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Yesterday was the turn of Central Hall Westminster, next to Westminster Abbey.


The evening was a success, bringing together people from the Pfizer team and different cancer charities. Everyone had a chance to actively remove some of the tentacles of this enlarged lung tumour and there by engaging with the metaphor that human intervention can help push cancer into remission, diminishing the growth of its invasive nature. Slowly this cancerous growth, which suffocates a pure white boulder host body, is waning and the beautiful natural form underneath can begin to breath.

To watch a YouTube film about its making, click HERE

November 24, 2022